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2011 Salmon BBQ—Grand Lodge Team

2012 Salmon BBQ—Grand Master Visit

In Memoriam to the Builders in Garfield Lodge

WB Frank Nelson

MWB Wayne I. Smith

MW James R. Vannice


For most of his sixty years as a Mason he was a shining beacon to all who knew him, spreading Light and Brotherly Love wherever he traveled. He was a teacher, a diplomat, a counselor and mentor to uncounted numbers.
    The forest is far too rapidly thinning out, but hopefully the lessons Jim taught have caused many younger saplings to take root in the same soil, to eventually stand tall in his stead, inspiring and teaching others.
    So let us all pause and remember Brother Jim, perhaps raise a toast to his memory and vow to continue his work, which is synonymous with Freemasonry.

Steve Osborn
16 December 2012, AL 6012

MW Jim was a true Builder, always Developing Great Masons who emulated his lead and developed great Masons in return.

VW J. Rex Hartsfield