Garfield Masonic Lodge No. 41

Making Good Men Better Through Moral & Educational Improvement.

About Us

Garfield Masonic Center has been an active and integral organization in La Conner, Washington for over 125 years.

Brief History of Garfield Lodge


A petition was signed by thirteen Masons in November, 1882 to form a Lodge at La Conner.  Six of these Masons were from Washington Lodges, one each from New York, Idaho and Kansas, and four who’s Lodges are not recorded.


The Petition was sent to the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Washington Territory.  Grand Master J. A. Kuhn signed a dispensation on December 26, 1882 for a Lodge at La Conner, Whatcom County, Washington territory. He appointed Thomas Rawlins as Worshipful Master, J. S. Church Senior Warden and W. A. Stevens Junior Warden. The Lodge was named Garfield in honor of the late President and Brother Mason, James A. Garfield.


The first meeting was held on January 6, 1883 in the County Court House, which at that time was in La Conner.


The Charter was granted by the Grand Lodge on June 7, 1883 and No. 41 was assigned to the Lodge.


The furniture and rug was bought in England and shipped around the Horn of South America. The furniture is still in use and a portion of the rug hangs behind the Master’s Chair and a portion lies between the East and the Alter.


In the first 125 years, 1883 to 2008, the Lodge had but six Treasurers who served terms from one year to 45 years.


In the same period, it had but eighteen Secretaries and their terms were six months to 47 years.