Garfield Lodge No. 41

Education is the key to advancement in life & Freemasonry

Text Box: VW J. Rex Hartsfield 

Rex came to us from small-town Tennessee,
Destined to become a worthy and respected man.
Joined the Navy the world to see,
Made it a career of over 20-years span.

It was during his time on Whidbey Island
That he met his love who became his  best friend.
Mary and Rex became wife and husband,
With two sons and beautiful grandchildren.

Life’s purpose took him around the world,
Through various jobs he worked with immense pride,
A man of honor, truth and justice as best he could,
A life of high esteem and character no one denied.

Desiring to become a wise and better man,
Knocked on the door of Fidalgo Lodge,
Welcomed with brotherly love and a new plan,
On a course with challenges he would not dodge.

He never desired middle of the road or just average,
Answering the call of leadership and responsibility.
He set the Masonic standard as was his image,
Blue Lodge, York Rite, Star and Amaranth equally.

He climbed the ladder of success with high praise,
Learning, researching, mentoring, teaching became his drive.
Fulfilling a personal quest the Bar he would raise,
Improving himself and others on which he did thrive.

The purpose of man, to make a difference where life leads,
Seeking wisdom and knowledge at every opportunity.
Divine Providence assisting Rex providing all of life’s needs,
“Pickin’ ‘n Grinnin’” his way into our hearts with glee.

J. Rex Hartsfield – a man and life to emulate,
Left a legend of Masonic stature on which we all agree.
Winged his way to the Supreme Architect’s gate,
Having lived respected, died regretted, ably.

The mark of a man is the legacy he leaves,
Rex marked our hearts, minds, and souls scrupulously.

VW David A. McCuistion
Garfield Lodge No. 41